Arlington Jail Inmate List and Search

To access the Arlington Jail Inmate List, you have a few options:

City of Arlington Official Website:

Visit the official City of Arlington Police Department page.

There, you’ll find the current Jail Inmate List along with information on how to pay bail, fines, and fees, as well as a search feature for sex offenders.

Arlington Police Department’s Inmate Lookup Tool:

Go to the Arlington Police Department’s Inmate Lookup tool.

You can search for inmates using either their booking number or their personal details.

Arlington County Jail Roster Lookup (Virginia):

If you’re looking for information about an inmate in the Arlington County Jail, visit their official Inmate Lookup service.

You can search using the inmate’s booking number or their personal details.


Arlington Jail Visitations

Visitation at the facility is permitted exclusively on Wednesdays and Sundays, spanning from 4 pm to 6 pm. Each visitation session is constrained to a 15-minute duration. A noteworthy stipulation is that a solitary inmate can be visited by a maximum of two individuals simultaneously.

Inmate eligibility for visitation is established following their initial court appearance. Once deemed eligible, inmates are entitled to two one-hour visits each week. It's important to acknowledge that an inmate is subject to visitation from a maximum of three adults, with an overarching cap of five people at any given time.

It is crucial to bear in mind that the jail supervisor retains the authority to cancel visitation without issuing prior notice. Prospective visitors are urged to meticulously adhere to these guidelines when planning to visit an inmate at the facility.

Arlington Jail Address

Arlington Jail Phone and Hours

Arlington Jail

The facility officially known as the "Arlington City Jail" is situated at 2201 Lamar Blvd, Arlington, Texas 76011. It primarily accommodates adult offenders who have been arrested within the city limits of Arlington. With a capacity of around 220 inmates, the jail is operated by the Arlington Police Department.

The City of Arlington maintains a Jail, Arrests & Offenders page on their official website. This page provides details about current inmates, bail payment, fines, and sex offender searches.

To explore recent arrests and incidents, you can use the Arlington Police Department’s Jail Blotter SearchSimply select a date range to view the jail blotter

In terms of jail conditions, it's noteworthy that the Arlington City Jail has held accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA) since 2004. This accreditation signifies that the jail meets specific standards pertaining to the care and safety of inmates.

Arlington Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter

Report Number Date Address
Investigation Status
2023-00140094 01/14/2023 1200 N Watson Rd
Cleared by Arrest
2023-00450066 02/14/2023 1400 Prentice St
Under Investigation
2023-00540611 02/23/2023 2200 Lincoln Green Cir
Cleared by Arrest
2023-00790071 03/20/2023 1400 W Lamar Blvd
Cleared by Arrest
2023-00800491 03/21/2023 700 Port Richmond Way
Cleared by Arrest
2023-01440081 05/24/2023 3200 Sweet Gum Trail
Cleared by Arrest
2023-01510458 5/31/2023 3000 Amberway Dr
Cleared by Arrest
2023-01820729 07/01/2023 2800 Forest Hollow Ln
Cleared by Arrest
2023-01970509 07/16/2023 4900 Little Rd
Cleared by Arrest
2023-02270393 08/15/2023 900 W Division St
Cleared by Arrest
2023-02650725 09/22/2023 1800 E Mitchell St
Cleared by Arrest
2023-02680490 09/25/2023 1700 Sherry St
Under Investigation
2023-03160276 11/12/2023 1000 W Arkansas Ln
Cleared by Arrest
2023-03370479 12/03/2023 2900 Forest Hollow Ln
Under Investigation

Texas Crime Trends

Offense 2020 2019 % Change
Murder 1,927 1,403 37.30%
Rape 13,327 14,656 -9.10%
Robbery 26,750 28,854 -7.30%
Aggravated Assault 88,030 75,595 16.40%
Violent Crime Total 130,034 120,508 7.90%
Burglary 108,015 112,405 -3.90%
Larceny-Theft 461,421 496,279 -7.00%
Motor Vehicle Theft 83,504 76,687 8.90%
Property Crime Total 652,940 685,371 -4.70%
Total 782,974 805,879 -2.80%

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