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Monday to Thursday  8 AM–4:30 PM; Friday 8 AM­­-12 PM; Saturday and Sunday closed

Baytown Courthouse

Jurisdiction: The Baytown Courthouse has jurisdiction over cases that involve violations of city ordinances within the city limits of Baytown, Texas. It primarily deals with non-criminal offenses, such as traffic violations, code enforcement violations, parking violations, and other minor infractions.

Court Structure: The Baytown Courthouse operates as a limited jurisdiction court. It is presided over by a judge who is responsible for hearing cases, making legal determinations, and issuing rulings and judgments. The court also has a support staff that includes court clerks who handle administrative tasks, manage case records, and assist individuals involved in court proceedings.

Case Types: The Baytown Courthouse primarily handles cases related to city ordinance violations. Common types of cases that may be heard in the court include traffic citations, parking violations, code enforcement violations (such as property maintenance violations), animal control violations, and other non-criminal offenses that fall under the jurisdiction of the city.

Legal Proceedings: The court conducts legal proceedings related to the cases within its jurisdiction. This includes scheduling and holding hearings, accepting pleas, reviewing evidence, and making determinations of guilt or innocence. The court also handles the imposition of fines, penalties, and other appropriate sanctions for violations of city ordinances.

Administrative Functions: The Baytown Courthouse also performs various administrative functions related to its operations. These functions include accepting payments for fines and fees, processing court documents, maintaining accurate case records, and providing information and assistance to individuals involved in the court process.

Appeals: In cases where individuals disagree with the court's decision, there may be a process for filing appeals. The specific procedures and requirements for appeals would depend on the applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdiction.

Bay Town Clerk

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