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The Beltrami County Jail is a detention facility that is responsible for the intake, housing, and release of individuals who are arrested and charged with crimes within the county. The jail is equipped to hold both male and female inmates and has a capacity of approximately 200 inmates. The facility provides inmates with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and medical care. The jail also offers programs and services to help inmates improve their chances of success upon release, such as education and job training programs. The jail staff is responsible for maintaining safety and security within the facility, as well as ensuring that inmates are treated humanely and fairly. The building is also equipped with security measures such as cameras, locked doors and fencing, to ensure the safety and security of inmates, staff and visitors.

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Beltrami County Jail Phone and Hours

Visitation at the Beltrami County Jail is typically conducted on a set schedule, and may be subject to certain restrictions and guidelines. Visitors are typically required to show identification, and may be subject to a search before entering the facility. Inmates are usually allowed a certain number of visits per week, and visits may be limited in duration. Some facilities also offer video or virtual visits as an alternative to in-person visits. It is best to check the jail's website or contact the jail directly for current information on visitation hours, schedules, and policies. Visitation policies are subject to change due to security concerns, or as a result of changes in the facility's population or staffing levels.