Bonneville County Jail Inmate Roster

Navigating the Bonneville County Jail roster is a straightforward task designed to provide information about an inmate's details or release date. The facility maintains an online system managed by the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office. Below are steps to efficiently use this system and details you can expect to retrieve.

How to Search for an Inmate:

  1. Visit the Official Inmate Roster Website: Go to the Bonneville County Jail Inmate Roster page, regularly updated by the Sheriff's Office.
  2. Enter Inmate Details: Use the search field to input the inmate's first name, last name, or booking number for accurate results.
  3. View the Results: Press 'Search,' and the system will display a list of inmates matching your criteria.
  4. Select the Correct Inmate: If multiple results appear, review details to choose the correct inmate.

Jail Roster Information:

  • Booking Number: Unique identifier assigned upon entry.
  • Last Name and First Name: Full legal name of the inmate.
  • Date of Birth: Birthdate for differentiation.
  • Release Date: Provided for sentenced inmates; subject to change.
  • Criminal Charges: Specific charges for which the inmate is held.

Tips for Inmate Search:

  • Correct Spelling: Ensure accurate names for precise results.
  • Partial Information: Enter partial details for potential matches.
  • Regular Checks: Check back regularly if information isn't immediately available.

Additional Details about Bonneville County Jail Roster Lookup:

Frequency of Updates: The jail roster is updated daily to reflect current inmates, releases, and changes in charges or release dates.

If an Inmate Isn't Listed:

  • Newly Booked: Wait a few hours for updates.
  • Transferred: Contact the relevant facility.
  • Released: Inmate details are removed.

Understanding Statuses and Charges:

  • Status: "In Custody" or "Released."
  • Charges: Range from misdemeanors to felonies; abbreviations may be present.

Accessing Historical Information: For historical data, contact the detention center directly or submit a formal request, as it may not be available online.

Efficiently utilizing the Bonneville County Jail's online inmate search and prison roster ensures quick and accurate access to current inmate information, while understanding additional details helps navigate any challenges.

Bonneville County Jail Visitations

In order to schedule an onsite or remote video visitation, you must have a video visitation account, which requires you to be Telmate Verified. You can create an account at the Telmate Kiosk, which is located in the lobby of the jail, or online at

Once your account is set up you will be scheduling your visits in advance through the Telmate Kiosk or Online. Please try to schedule visits at least 24 hours in advance to give the resident time to accept the visit.

Video Visting Rules

Wearing clothing with messages, holding up signs, displaying nudity, or behaving sexually, is prohibited.

Three-way calls are not allowed.

You may not talk on a phone while visiting with your friend or loved one.

You may assemble multiple friends and family members to take part in a remote video call.

Calls can be terminated at any time for inappropriate use.

Video Visitation privileges can be suspended.

If you are late for your scheduled visit it will affect the length of your visit.

You must cancel a scheduled visit 24 hours in advance to receive credit.

Bonneville County Jail Address

Bonneville County Jail Phone and Hours

Bonneville County Jail

Ensuring the safety and security of the public, jail staff, and inmates is the foremost priority for Detention Deputies at the Bonneville County Jail. Operating within a framework of sound policies and professional standards, these deputies are committed to implementing the best jail practices. The jail's operations encompass various facets, including Medical and Food Services staff, Work Release and Work Detail programs, and the Wood Pilot Problem-Solving Court Program.

The Detention team shoulders a diverse range of responsibilities to uphold safety and efficiency. As an integral part of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, they collaborate with the broader team in serving the community. The Bonneville County Jail, inaugurated in November 1998 with an initial 284-bed capacity, has since expanded to accommodate 533 beds.

In 2009, the jail became the focal point for the newly established Wood Pilot Project, a problem-solving court rehabilitation initiative. This program aims to provide convicted offenders with treatment and services for substance abuse and mental health issues while keeping them close to their families in local communities.

Simultaneously, the Work Release facility underwent expansion, offering more opportunities for inmates to maintain employment during the judicial process. The Work Detail Program was also broadened, enabling qualifying inmates, under deputy supervision, to contribute to maintaining county facilities and engaging in projects for various non-profit and charitable entities in the area.

These initiatives play a vital role in promoting and sustaining productive activities, employment, and rehabilitation for individuals grappling with substance abuse within the correctional system. The commitment of the Detention Deputies and the evolution of these programs underscore the Bonneville County Jail's dedication to fostering a safe and rehabilitative environment.

Bonneville County Crime Rate

Bonneville County, situated in Idaho, is home to approximately 47,945 residents and falls under the jurisdiction of the Bonneville County law enforcement.

The county exhibits an overall crime rate of 3,014 incidents per 100,000 residents. While this places Bonneville County in a moderately safer category than the national average, it still hovers around the average mark. Consequently, residents face a 1 in 33 chance of falling victim to any type of crime within the county over the course of a year.

Notably, the average overall crime rate for Bonneville County in the preceding two years was slightly lower at 2,897 per 100,000 residents. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the crime rate has shown an upward trend over time, indicating an increase in reported incidents. This evolving landscape underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to address and mitigate crime within the county. Local law enforcement and community engagement remain pivotal components in fostering a safer living environment for Bonneville County residents.


Bonneville County Crime Clearance Data


Idaho Falls Crime Rate


Idaho Falls Policing Rates

Idaho Inmates Amount and Jail Location

Idaho Criminal Justice Overview

Idaho grapples with an incarceration rate of 761 individuals per 100,000, encompassing various facilities such as prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, and juvenile justice facilities. This statistic positions Idaho with a higher percentage of its population behind bars compared to any other democratic country globally.

Understanding the demographics and reasons behind incarceration in Idaho is crucial for a comprehensive view of the state's criminal justice landscape. Delving into this data can shed light on the factors contributing to the incarceration rate and inform discussions about potential reforms and improvements within the state's criminal justice system.

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