Christian County Courthouse and Clerk

The Christian County Courthouse serves as the main courthouse for Christian County and handles various legal proceedings, including civil and criminal cases, divorce and family law, probate and estate matters, and other court-related services.

TheĀ  Courthouse also has a rich history dating back to the founding of Christian County in 1859. The first courthouse was built in Ozark, Missouri, which remains the county seat to this day. Over the years, the courthouse has undergone several renovations and additions, but the original building still stands. Throughout its history, the Christian County Courthouse has served as the center of justice and government for the county, playing a critical role in the administration of law and the protection of the rights of citizens. Despite the changes and challenges it has faced, the Christian County Courthouse continues to be an important symbol of the county's history and its commitment to the rule of law.

The Christian County Clerk is the elected official responsible for maintaining important records for Christian County, Missouri, including marriage licenses, real estate transactions, and court records. The Clerk also acts as an election official and is responsible for conducting elections and maintaining voting records.

Christian County Courthouse Address

The Christian County Courthouse is located in the city of Ozark, Missouri, United States. Ozark is in southwestern Missouri, near the Arkansas state line. The courthouse is situated at 100 W Church St, Ozark, MO 65721, United States.

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Christian County Courthouse Phone and Hours