Codington County Jail Inmate Roster

The search process for the Codington County jail roster has been enhanced through the implementation of online tools, offering a convenient way to look up inmates. A user-friendly online search tool is accessible on the official Codington County Sheriff's Office Website. Users can input the necessary details on the webpage to initiate the inmate lookup process.

Information available on the jail roster includes essential details such as the booking number, last name first name, date of birth, release date, and criminal charges associated with each inmate. When conducting an inmate search, it's crucial to input exact information, ensuring the accurate spelling of the inmate's name or the correct booking number to prevent errors in the search results.

Users are advised to keep in mind that information on the roster is regularly updated. However, there might be a slight delay between the occurrence of information changes and its reflection on the website. In case a search yields multiple results, users can utilize additional details such as the date of birth or booking number to verify the correct inmate.

Privacy concerns and regulations may restrict the full availability of certain inmate details, underscoring the importance of maintaining confidentiality in the search process.

Once the online search tool has been utilized, and the desired inmate located, it's essential to bear in mind that an inmate's location may change due to transfers to other correctional facilities. If the inmate is not found through the online search, contacting the jail directly is recommended for additional information.

Codington County Jail Visitations

Visiting hours at the Codington County Detention Center are subject to variation based on several factors, including the day of the week, the inmate's housing location, the inmate's gender, and whether it is a holiday or not. Inmates are generally allotted one or two visits per week, with durations ranging from 15 minutes to one hour each. Special privileges may grant inmates additional visitation opportunities.

Prior to visiting an inmate, whether in person or through a remote video visit, it is mandatory for all visitors to receive approval from both the inmate and the jail. The approval process involves submitting an application, and any incomplete or inaccurate information on the application may lead to denial.

It is crucial for applicants to be honest, particularly concerning past criminal convictions or probation history. This information is likely to be scrutinized in a background check, and dishonesty may result in the denial of visitation privileges. The integrity of the application process is upheld to ensure the safety and security of both inmates and visitors.

Codington County Jail Address

Codington County Jail Phone and Hours

Codington County Jail

The Codington County Jail is a 96-bed facility responsible for inmate care not only for Codington County but also for the contract counties of Clark, Hamlin, Deuel, and Kingsbury Counties. As a co-located facility, the Detention Center not only provides juvenile care but also houses all sentenced and pretrial adult inmates. Additionally, the Codington County Regional Detention Center fulfills work release functions as ordered by the court and according to the rules established by the Detention Center. It also operates as a 24/7 sobriety checkpoint, conducting all court-ordered sobriety checks around the clock.

The primary mission of the Codington County Regional Detention Center is to offer a safe, humane, and secure environment for the detention of individuals committed to the custody of Codington County and its contract jurisdictions. While holding individuals whom the court has determined to pose a threat or owe a debt to society, the Sheriff's Office aims to protect the community without seeking punitive measures. Instead, the focus is on carrying out court orders in a cost-effective manner.

Recognizing the staff as a valuable asset, the Sheriff actively promotes education and fosters careers within the Detention Center. The overarching goal of the staff is to reintegrate inmates into the community in improved physical and emotional conditions, acknowledging that rehabilitation is a personal decision made by each individual inmate.

The Sheriff's commitment to serving the community extends to utilizing inmate labor through effective work-release programs and maintaining employment opportunities for sentenced inmates, all within the guidelines established by the office.

Codington County Crime Rate

Codington County is situated in South Dakota, with a population of 5,815 residents. Policing in this region is overseen by the law enforcement agency Codington County.

When considering safety, Codington County stands out with an overall crime rate of 1,617 incidents per 100,000 residents. This places it among the safest regions in the United States, and the likelihood of becoming a victim of any crime in Codington County is 1 in 62 over the course of a year.

Analyzing the crime trends over the past two years, the average overall crime rate for Codington County was 1,408 incidents per 100,000 residents. It's noteworthy that the crime rate has experienced an increase during this period, prompting a closer look at the factors influencing this trend. Understanding the dynamics of crime in the region is essential for local authorities, policymakers, and residents to address potential issues and maintain a secure community environment.

Codington County Crime Clearance Data


Watertown Crime Rate


Watertown Policing Rates

South Dakota Inmates Amount and Jail Location

South Dakota's Incarceration Landscape: Understanding Rates and Realities"

South Dakota grapples with an incarceration rate of 824 individuals per 100,000, encompassing various detention facilities such as prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, and juvenile justice facilities. This statistic places the state on a unique scale, surpassing the incarceration rates of many democratic countries globally. Delving into the details reveals insights into the demographic composition of the incarcerated population in South Dakota and the underlying factors contributing to this higher-than-average incarceration rate.

Exploring the intricacies of South Dakota's criminal justice system becomes imperative to comprehend the dynamics that have led to such statistics. Understanding the reasons behind the elevated incarceration rate is essential for policymakers, researchers, and the public to work towards a fair and effective criminal justice system that addresses the complexities of the state's unique situation.

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