Custer County Jail Inmate Search and Roster

There are various methods available to perform a Custer County Jail Inmate Search of the persons currently held in the Custer County Jail, each offering a different level of detail and accessibility. Here are the options:

Free Online Search:

One option is to use the Oklahoma VINE (Victim Information and Notification Exchange), a national tool that allows searching for inmates across the United States by name, birth date, or case number. For Custer County, you can visit Oklahoma VINE or call the toll-free number 1-877-654-8463.

Another avenue is to check the Custer County Sheriff's Office website, which may provide a basic inmate search. Visit Custer County Sheriff's Office Website for links or relevant information.

In-Person Search:

For those preferring an in-person approach, visiting the Custer County Jail at 300 North 7th Ave, Arapaho, OK 73620, is an option. It's advisable to contact the jail office at (580) 323-1616 beforehand to confirm visiting hours and procedures.

Additional Information:

Some websites may list recent bookings in the Custer County Jail, offering details such as names, charges, and booking dates. However, it's important to note that this information may not be comprehensive or entirely accurate.

Limited Information:

Free online searches often provide basic details like name, age, booking date, and charges. More specific information, such as mugshots, bond amounts, or release dates, might require direct contact with the jail.

Privacy Considerations:

It's crucial to keep in mind that inmate information is sensitive, and publicly available details may be limited to protect privacy and security.

Custer County Jail Visitations

Visiting an inmate at the Custer County Jail serves as a crucial source of support and connection for both the individual incarcerated and their loved ones on the outside. The visitation process encompasses various aspects, providing a comprehensive overview:

General Information:

The Custer County Jail facilitates two types of visitation: onsite visits in the designated area and video visits conducted remotely through a secure online platform.

To participate in either onsite or video visits, scheduling in advance is mandatory. Those interested can contact the Custer County Jail at (580) 323-1616 to inquire about current procedures and availability.

All visitors must undergo a pre-approval process by the Sheriff's Office, which includes a background check. Certain individuals with specific restrictions or criminal records may be ineligible for visitation.

Upon arrival at the jail, all visitors are required to present photo identification, such as a driver's license or state ID.

Onsite Visits:

Onsite visits are generally available on Sundays between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM, with each visit lasting up to 30 minutes.

Upon arrival, visitors undergo a security screening process, including metal detectors and bag checks. Personal belongings like purses, cell phones, or cameras are prohibited within the visiting area.

Conversations during onsite visits take place in a supervised setting, typically through a plexiglass barrier or via video monitors. Physical contact is not permitted.

Visitors must adhere to a dress code, avoiding revealing clothing, gang colors, or any attire deemed disruptive or offensive.

Video Visits:

Video visits are conducted through a secure online platform provided by the jail. Participants may need to download specific software or use a dedicated kiosk at the jail if participating in person.

A reliable internet connection is necessary for a smooth video visit experience, with calls lasting around 30 minutes.

Similar to onsite visits, video connections take place under supervision, and dress code and prohibited items apply to both parties involved.

Additional Information:

Minors under the age of 18 may visit with an approved adult guardian present. Specific age restrictions and rules may apply depending on the inmate's charges or security classification.

Snacks or beverages are not allowed in the visiting area or during video calls.

Individuals with disabilities can request reasonable accommodations for both onsite and video visits.

It's crucial to note that visitation policies and procedures can change periodically. Directly contacting the Custer County Jail is recommended to confirm the latest updates and ensure a smooth visit experience.


Custer County Jail Address

Custer County Jail Phone and Hours

Custer County Inmates Demographics

Custer County Jail Inmates Roster Crimes Facts

Crime Category Prevalence Additional Information
Property Crimes
Burglary Most common property crime Accounts for nearly 1/3 of reported incidents
Larceny Second most common property crime Includes shoplifting, theft from vehicles, etc.
Motor Vehicle Theft Slightly lower than national average Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are most targeted
Violent Crimes Relatively rare compared to national average
Aggravated Assaults Most common violent crime Involve use of a weapon or threat of serious harm
Domestic Violence Significant issue
Drug-Related Crimes On the rise Primarily marijuana and methamphetamine

Custer County Jail Roster Inmates Age Distribution

Stats of Custer Jail Roster Positive Trends and Negatives


  • Overall crime rate lower than national average: This is encouraging news, indicating Custer County enjoys relative safety compared to many other regions.
  • Low violent crime rate: The rarity of serious crimes like homicide and robbery contributes to a sense of security in the community.


  • Prevalence of property crimes: While violent crime is low, burglary and larceny remain prevalent. This highlights the need for continued investments in crime prevention and security measures.
  • Rising drug-related crime: The increase in drug arrests suggests potential challenges with substance abuse and associated criminal activity. This calls for focused efforts on drug prevention, treatment programs, and addressing the root causes of addiction.
  • Domestic violence: The significance of domestic violence within the county warrants dedicated resources and support systems for victims and perpetrators alike.

Custer County Jail: A Comprehensive Overview

Situated in Arapaho, Oklahoma, the Custer County Jail serves as a detention center for individuals awaiting trial or serving sentences for various offenses. Operating as a medium-security facility, it plays a pivotal role in the county's criminal justice system, ensuring secure detention while upholding legal and ethical standards.

Facility and Operations:

The jail is housed in a two-story, brick-and-concrete structure designed to accommodate around 80 inmates. To maintain safety and order, cell blocks are segregated by gender and security classifications.

Inmates adhere to a structured daily schedule that includes meals, recreation periods, medical and mental health services, and limited contact with family and legal counsel. Continuous supervision is maintained through security cameras and correctional officers.

Various rehabilitation programs are offered, focusing on substance abuse treatment, education, and job skills training. These initiatives aim to reduce recidivism and provide inmates with tools for successful reintegration into society.

Inmate Population and Demographics:

The average daily population within the facility fluctuates but generally remains within its capacity. The inmate demographic mirrors the local community, encompassing a diverse mix of genders, ages, and ethnicities. However, ongoing efforts are directed at addressing disparities in incarceration rates among different social groups, emphasizing fair and equitable sentencing practices.

Challenges and Future Considerations:

While not currently experiencing overcrowding, managing capacity and ensuring adequate living conditions for inmates remains a priority.

Effective mental health support is recognized as crucial for inmates with pre-existing or emerging conditions, contributing to their overall well-being and stability within the facility.

Facilitating successful reintegration into society involves providing access to housing, employment opportunities, and ongoing support systems. Collaborating with community organizations and social services is pivotal in achieving this essential step.

The Custer County Jail transcends being merely a place of confinement; it embodies a complex microcosm where challenges and opportunities intersect. A comprehensive understanding of its operations, the needs of its inhabitants, and the broader societal context is vital for informed discussions about criminal justice and rehabilitation.

Custer County Jail Roster Inmates by Criminal Charges

  • The data shows the criminal charges of the inmates in the McMinn County Jail as of midyear 2021.
  • The data has three columns: Charge, Number of Inmates, and Percentage.
  • The data has nine rows, corresponding to nine types of charges: Aggravated Assault, Burglary, DUI, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession, Fraud, Theft, Possession of a Weapon by a Felon, and Other Charges.
  • The data does not have any missing values or outliers.
  • The data reveals that the most common charge among the inmates is Aggravated Assault, accounting for 2.4% of the total inmates.
  • The data also reveals that the least common charges are Possession of a Weapon by a Felon and Other Charges, each accounting for less than 0.5% of the total inmates.
  • The data suggests that the McMinn County Jail has a relatively low rate of violent and serious crimes, as most of the charges are related to property or substance offenses.


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