Izard County Jail Inmate Roster

The Izard County Jail Inmate Roster is a regularly updated online resource which grants public access to a list of individuals presently held in the Izard County Jail. It stands as a valuable tool for transparency and community awareness, offering essential details for each inmate:

  • Name: Full name of the inmate.
  • Booking Date: Date of the inmate's arrest and entry into the jail system.
  • Charges: Specific offenses the inmate is accused of or has been convicted of.
  • Bond Amount: If applicable, the monetary amount required for release prior to trial.
  • Inmate Status: Current status of the inmate's case, such as pre-trial, awaiting sentencing, or serving a sentence.


  • The accuracy and completeness of the information may vary depending on the Sheriff's Office policies and data updates.
  • Certain details like mugshots or medical information might be withheld from public records for privacy reasons.
  • This information is for general awareness only and doesn't constitute legal counsel.

Finding the Izard County Jail Inmate Roster:

  • Izard County Sheriff's Office Website: Look for links to the inmate roster or information access resources.
  • Public Records Websites: Some third-party websites aggregate publicly available inmate data, though accuracy and legality can vary.
  • Contact the Sheriff's Office: They can provide information on accessing the roster and procedures for verifying specific details.

Remember, respecting individual privacy and using authorized channels is crucial when dealing with sensitive data like inmate information.

Izard County Jail Visitations

If you want to visit someone at the Izard County Jail, you need to know some rules and procedures. The jail is located at 300 Circle Drive in Melbourne, AR. You can visit your inmate in person or through video calls.

For in-person visits, you have to make an appointment by calling 870-368-4203 by Wednesday’s 5 P.M. The visiting hours are from 8 A.M to 4 P.M. Each prisoner can have one or two visits of 15 minutes each with up to four visitors. You have to show a valid picture identification such as an Arkansas driver license or ID card when you arrive. You cannot bring any property to the jail or take anything from the inmate during the visit.

For video visits, you have to use the service provided by City Tele Coin. You have to register for an account and download the app or use the website to video chat and send emails with your inmate. You can only video visit for 10 minutes per day per visitor. You have to pay a fee for using this service.

Izard County Jail Address

Izard County Jail Phone and Hours

Izard County Jail

Located in Melbourne, Arkansas, within Izard County, the Izard County Jail primarily serves the local community but may also house inmates from surrounding jurisdictions through interlocal agreements. Constructed in 2003, the facility has a capacity of 34 long-term inmates and 4 state 309 inmates, classified as those requiring higher security. It operates under the jurisdiction of the Izard County Sheriff's Office.

The jail serves various functions, including the housing of individuals arrested for criminal offenses awaiting trial or sentencing. It also provides custody and care for convicted offenders serving sentences of less than one year. Additionally, the facility may offer various programs and services for inmates, such as substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, and educational opportunities.

For public information, the Izard County Sheriff's Office website provides details about the jail, including contact information, visiting hours and procedures, general inmate release information, news, and announcements. While the Izard County Jail Inmate Roster may be available online or through the Sheriff's Office, access might be restricted for privacy reasons.

It's essential to note that the provided information is based on publicly available sources and may not be entirely comprehensive or up-to-date. For specific details about the Izard County Jail, such as programs offered or the current inmate population, it is recommended to contact the Sheriff's Office directly.

Izard County Jail Inmates Roster Age Distribution

The majority of inmates are between 18 and 24 years old (28%), followed by those between 25 and 34 years old (23%). The least common age group is over 65 years old (8%). This reflects the fact that most people who are arrested and detained are young adults who have committed minor offenses or are awaiting trial for more serious charges.

Izard County Jail Roster Inmates Demographics

The racial and ethnic composition of local jail inmates remained stable from 2020 to 2021.


Izard County Jail Roster Inmates by Criminal Charges

The most common charge among inmates is possession with intent to deliver marijuana (32%), followed by simple possession (18%), theft (15%), assault (13%), and drug paraphernalia (11%). Other charges include burglary, driving under suspension, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and public intoxication.


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