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When the 2010 census came out, it showed us that there were 63,453 people, 22,155 households, and 16,566 families living in the Liberty County. Also the population density was 129.5 inhabitants per square mile. Beyond that there were 26,731 housing units at an average density of 54.6 per square mile. The racial composition of the Liberty county was 47.1% white, 42.2% black or African American, 2.0% Asian, 0.6% Pacific islander, 0.6% American Indian, 2.9% from other races, and 4.7% from two or more races. The Latino and Hispanic descendents were up 9.7% of the population. In terms of ancestry, 8.8% were German, 6.9% were Irish, and 6.0% were American.

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