Lonoke County Inmate Roster

For information regarding the Lonoke County inmate roster, a visit to the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office website is recommended. The website features a user-friendly Lonoke County inmate search tool that enables users to search for offenders by entering their last names. Detailed information about detainees, including their full names, gender, and ages, can be accessed through the roster available on the website.

Alternatively, for direct assistance, individuals can contact the Lonoke County correctional facility by phone at 501-676-6494. This allows for inquiries regarding an offender's current status and location. Utilizing these resources ensures efficient access to the Lonoke County inmate roster and the necessary details about individuals in the correctional system.

Lonoke County Jail Visitations

The Lonoke County Jail maintains a structured visitation system exclusively conducted through the Kiosk system, ensuring a streamlined process with no provision for in-person visitation. Those interested in setting up visitation can navigate the user-friendly www.smartjail.com platform, which not only facilitates visitation arrangements but also allows for the sending of emails and pictures to inmates.

For the convenience of inmates, essential items such as hygiene products, food, calling cards, and mail supplies are available for purchase through the commissary. This ensures that inmates have access to necessary items during their stay. To further support inmates, individuals can contribute funds to an inmate's account using www.citytelecoin.com or by depositing money at the kiosk located in the lobby. The kiosk accepts both cash and credit cards, offering flexibility for those looking to provide financial support to incarcerated individuals.

These carefully curated facilities and services play a crucial role in the effective management and support of inmates within the Lonoke County Jail, fostering a system that prioritizes communication, accessibility to essentials, and financial contributions for the well-being of those in custody.

Lonoke County Jail Address

Lonoke County Jail Phone and Hours

Lonoke County Jail

The Lonoke County Jail, situated at 440 Dee Dee Ln. in Lonoke, Arkansas, serves as the primary facility for the booking and incarceration of individuals who are arrested and taken into custody. The Detention Center is strategically organized with separate housing areas catering to low/medium security risk males, high-security risk males, and female inmates. It also includes provisions for isolation and temporary holding cells. Within its confines, the Detention Center accommodates both pre-trial detainees and post-conviction inmates, including those serving sentences or awaiting transport to the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Lonoke County Crime Rate

Lonoke County, situated in Arkansas, boasts a population of 29,412 and falls under the jurisdiction of Lonoke County law enforcement.

The county registers an overall crime rate of 4,124 incidents per 100,000 residents, placing it in the moderately safer category compared to the national average but still around the average mark. This translates to a 1 in 24 chance of becoming a victim of any type of crime within Lonoke County over the course of a year.

Examining the previous two years, Lonoke County experienced an average overall crime rate of 4,039 per 100,000 residents. This data indicates a gradual increase in the crime rate over time, emphasizing the importance of ongoing efforts to address and mitigate criminal activities within the county. Continuous collaboration between law enforcement and the community is essential to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the residents of Lonoke County.


Lonoke County Crime Clearance Data

Arkansas Inmates Amount and Jail Location

Arkansas Racial Prison Rates

Arkansas Racial Jail Rates

Arkansas Incarceration Insights: Understanding Rates and Unveiling Solutions

Arkansas grapples with an incarceration rate of 942 individuals per 100,000, encompassing various facilities such as prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, and juvenile justice facilities. This statistic positions Arkansas with a higher percentage of its population behind bars compared to any other democratic country globally.

Understanding the demographics and reasons behind incarceration in Arkansas is crucial for a comprehensive view of the state's criminal justice landscape. Delving into this data can shed light on the factors contributing to the incarceration rate and inform discussions about potential reforms and improvements within the state's criminal justice system. It is essential to explore initiatives that address the root causes of incarceration, promote rehabilitation, and work towards creating a fair and equitable justice system for the residents of Arkansas.

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