Minnehaha County Jail Inmates Roster

The Minnehaha County Jail Roster provides comprehensive details about individuals presently held in the Minnehaha County Jail, situated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This repository includes fundamental information such as the inmate's name, booking date, general categories of booking charges (without specific details), bond amounts if applicable, and the current status of the inmate (active, released, etc.).

Accessing the roster is facilitated through two methods offered by the Minnehaha County Jail. Firstly, individuals can conveniently search the roster online by visiting the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office website. Additionally, for those preferring an in-person approach, a visit to the Minnehaha County Jail allows one to request and review the roster on-site.

Crucial considerations accompany the use of the roster. Although information is regularly updated, a slight delay might occur between an inmate's booking and their appearance on the roster. It is important to note that the roster, designed with privacy in mind, abstains from divulging specific details regarding inmate crimes, personal information, or medical records.

Minnehaha County Jail Visitations

Eligibility: Visits to inmates at the Minnehaha County Jail are restricted to approved individuals, typically immediate family members, spouses, legal counsel, clergy, and others approved by the Sheriff's Office. To become an approved visitor, completion of a visitation application and submission of valid government-issued photo ID are required. The application can be found on the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office website.

Visitation Schedule: Visitation hours are scheduled for Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The time slots are 7:30 AM to 10:15 AM, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. The specific hours may vary based on the inmate's block number, necessitating prior contact with the jail at (605) 367-4321 to confirm the visitation hours for the desired inmate.

Visitation Procedures: All visitors must arrive at the jail 15 minutes before their scheduled visit. A security screening, including a metal detector and pat-down, is mandatory. Visitors are allowed to bring a limited number of personal items, such as keys, glasses, and wedding rings, with all other belongings left in their vehicles. Food and drinks are prohibited in the visitation area. During the visit, visitors are seated in secure booths, separated from inmates by a glass partition, with communication facilitated through a telephone system.

Minnehaha County Jail Address

Minnehaha County Jail Phone and Hours

Minnehaha County Jail

The Minnehaha County Jail, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, functions as the principal correctional facility for the county, providing essential services and facilities for its diverse inmate population. Here's an overview:

General Information: The jail has a capacity to accommodate approximately 200 inmates. It caters to pre-trial detainees awaiting court proceedings and sentencing, as well as individuals serving short-term sentences. The facilities within the jail include various housing units, a medical unit, a mental health unit, educational facilities, a library, and recreational areas. Inmates have access to a range of services, including healthcare, mental health support, educational programs, religious services, and other essential support services. The facility is equipped with security measures and protocols to maintain a secure environment.

Operations: The jail's operational procedures encompass the intake and processing of new arrests, managing them through comprehensive booking procedures. Inmates are classified based on diverse factors, including security risk, and subsequently assigned to appropriate housing units. The jail also offers various programs and services aimed at assisting inmates in their preparation for eventual reintegration into the community. These programs encompass education, job training, and substance abuse treatment, contributing to the overall rehabilitation of the inmate population.

Minnehaha County Crime Clearance Data


Sioux Falls Crime Clarence rate

Minnehaha County Inmates Jail Location

Sioux Falls Crime Rate


Minnehaha County Crime rate

Here are some observations and comments on the crime rate data for Minnehaha:

  1. Crime Rate (Overall): 2,122 per 100,000
    • The overall crime rate indicates the number of reported crimes per 100,000 people. Minnehaha's rate of 2,122 suggests a moderate level of reported criminal activity within the population.
  2. Murder Rate: N/A
    • The absence of a murder rate could indicate a relatively low occurrence of homicides, or it might be due to data reporting methods. It's essential to consider additional sources or context to understand the homicide trends accurately.
  3. Robbery Rate: 4 per 100,000
    • The low robbery rate suggests that incidents of theft involving force or threat may be relatively uncommon in Minnehaha.
  4. Rape Rate: 35 per 100,000
    • The reported rape rate indicates the incidence of reported sexual assaults. A rate of 35 per 100,000 may be considered within the range of typical figures for many areas.
  5. Assault Rate: 744 per 100,000
    • The assault rate reflects incidents of reported physical assaults. A rate of 744 indicates a relatively high frequency of reported assaults in Minnehaha.
  6. Burglary Rate: 361 per 100,000
    • The burglary rate represents reported unauthorized entries into structures. With a rate of 361, it suggests a moderate level of reported burglaries in the area.
  7. Forced Entry Rate: 159 per 100,000
    • This rate specifically measures forced entry during burglaries. The figure of 159 indicates the frequency of incidents where entry was gained through force, such as breaking doors or windows.
  8. Larceny Rate: 903 per 100,000
    • The larceny rate represents reported thefts excluding burglary and robbery. A rate of 903 suggests a relatively high frequency of reported larcenies in Minnehaha.
  9. Auto Theft Rate: 74 per 100,000
    • The auto theft rate indicates the frequency of reported stolen vehicles. A rate of 74 is relatively low, suggesting a lower incidence of auto theft compared to other types of crimes.

It's important to note that crime rates can be influenced by various factors, including reporting practices, law enforcement strategies, and community demographics. Additionally, interpreting crime data accurately often requires considering trends over time and comparing rates to regional or national averages for context.

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