Muskingum County Jail Inmate Roster List

The Muskingum County Jail Inmate Roster list, publicly accessible, details the names and basic information of individuals presently held in the Muskingum County Jail located in Zanesville, Ohio. This roster offers a comprehensive overview of key details:

Inmate Information:

The inclusion of the inmate's name, encompassing both the first and last names. A unique subject number assigned to each inmate within the Muskingum County Jail system. Booking Number, a specific identifier linked to the arrest record leading to the individual's incarceration. In Custody status, indicating whether the individual is presently housed in the Muskingum County Jail or elsewhere. Booking From Date, denoting the initial booking date into the jail. Booking To Date, providing the anticipated release date, if available, or "N/A" if undetermined. Housing Facility information, specifying the unit or location within the jail where the individual is currently housed.

Accessing the Roster:

The Muskingum County Sheriff's Office facilitates two methods to access the Inmate Roster:

Online Search: Utilize the Muskingum County Sheriff's Office website for a direct search of the roster and in person: Visit the Muskingum County Jail in person and request a copy of the roster from the front desk.

Important Considerations:

The information presented in the roster is subject to change, and its accuracy may vary. Certain details, such as mugshots or booking photos, might not be included in the public roster. The Muskingum County Sheriff's Office retains the authority to withhold specific information from the roster for security or privacy reasons.

Usage of the Roster:

The Muskingum County Jail Inmate Roster serves various purposes, including:

Checking the status of an incarcerated individual. Locating someone who has been arrested. Verifying someone's identity. Conducting research on criminal justice data.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the roster's information is public record and accessible to anyone. Users are urged to exercise responsibility and respect the privacy of individuals listed on the roster.

Muskingum County Jail Visitations

Visiting inmates at the Muskingum County Jail involves adherence to specific procedures and guidelines. The visitation process is detailed below:

Eligibility: Visitors must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with proof of guardianship. Individuals with outstanding warrants or on probation/parole for certain offenses may face restrictions. The inmate must be listed on the visitor's approved list.

Types of Visits: Visits can be conducted onsite within the jail facility or remotely through offsite video conferencing.

Scheduling Visits: For onsite visits, scheduling must be done in advance online at Visitor Information. Creating a free account allows visitors to choose available dates and times. Offsite video visits do not require prior scheduling. Visitors can access the website or download "The Visitor" app and connect during the inmate's designated video visitation hours.

Visitation Rules and Procedures: All visitors must present a valid government-issued photo ID upon arrival. Personal belongings such as cell phones, wallets, and keys must be left in provided lockers. A modest dress code is required, with inappropriate clothing disallowed. Physical contact with inmates is prohibited during onsite visits. Conversations must be in English and conducted respectfully and appropriately. The jail staff retains the right to terminate visits if rules are violated.

Additional Information: Each inmate is allowed one onsite and one offsite visit per week. Onsite visits typically last 30 minutes, while the duration of offsite video visits can vary based on the purchased plan. Fees apply for offsite video visits, with detailed information about rates and plans available on the website.

For comprehensive details about the visitation process, rules, and FAQs, individuals can refer to the jail website and the "The Visitor" app.

Muskingum County Jail Address

Muskingum County Jail Phone and Hours

Ohio Inmates Jail Distribution


Ohio Inmate Ethnics Incarceration Rates (2021)


Muskingum County Jail

The Muskingum County Jail, situated in Zanesville, Ohio, serves as a facility for individuals awaiting trial or serving short sentences for various offenses. The key aspects of the jail include:

Facility and Mission: The jail has a capacity to hold approximately 270 inmates. It is a modern facility that opened in 2011, featuring separate housing units for male and female inmates and specialized areas for mental health and medical care. The mission of the facility is centered on maintaining a safe and secure environment for both inmates and staff. Additionally, it emphasizes offering programs and resources to facilitate rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society.

Programs and Services: Various educational opportunities are provided, including GED programs, literacy classes, and vocational training workshops. Substance abuse treatment programs address addiction and relapse prevention, while mental health services encompass individual and group therapy sessions and medication management. Religious services are available through chaplains from various faiths, and re-entry planning assistance covers job searching, housing, and social services upon release.

Inmate Management and Conditions: The jail employs a classification system to assess and assign housing units based on the specific needs and security risks of inmates. Medical care is provided by staff nurses, offering basic medical and dental services. Inmates have access to outdoor recreation areas and limited indoor exercise facilities.

Challenges and Controversies: The Muskingum County Jail, like many jails nationwide, has faced challenges related to overcrowding, raising concerns about inadequate space and resources for inmates. Providing sufficient mental health services for inmates with complex needs remains an ongoing challenge for the facility.

In summary, the Muskingum County Jail is a modern facility with a focus on safety, security, and rehabilitation. However, it encounters challenges common to correctional institutions, including issues related to overcrowding and ensuring comprehensive mental health care.

Ohio Prisons Inmates Population (2023)

Zanesville, Ohio: A Rich Blend of History, Culture, and Adventure

Zanesville, Ohio, is a charming city with a rich history and plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. Situated at the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum rivers, Zanesville boasts scenic waterways and rolling hills. Located east of Columbus, it serves as a convenient getaway for city dwellers seeking a touch of nature and historic charm.

Founded in 1799 by American Revolutionary War patriot Ebenezer Zane, Zanesville played a significant role in early American history. Once known as the "Pottery Capital of the World," the city thrived in the ceramics industry. Zanesville today features a vibrant arts scene with museums, galleries, and performing arts venues showcasing local and regional talent.

For those exploring the city, there are numerous attractions and activities. Historic sites like Zane's Landing Park and Museum, Clay City Pottery Studios, and the Fallen Firefighters Memorial provide glimpses into Zanesville's past. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the Muskingum River Trail, City Park, and the AEP Recreation Land for hiking, biking, and picnicking.

Museums such as the Muskingum County Museum, Zane Grey Museum, and Zanesville Art Museum offer immersive experiences. Families can visit the Zanesville Animal Safari, the Aquatic Center, or the interactive exhibits at the COSI Zanesville for a day of fun.

Zanesville's culinary scene is diverse, featuring trendy cafes, gastropubs, classic American diners, and authentic ethnic cuisine. Local favorites like Tom's Ice Cream Bowl and The Barn at Maple View offer unique dining experiences. Craft beer enthusiasts can explore Weasel Boy Brewing Company or enjoy cider at Hocking Hills Winery.

Throughout the year, Zanesville hosts events and festivals such as the Muskingum River Ramble, Zanesville Art Fest, and Zane's Trace Marathon. Checking the city's calendar provides information on local happenings and seasonal celebrations.

In conclusion, Zanesville caters to a variety of interests, making it an appealing destination for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and foodies. Its rich history, scenic surroundings, and welcoming community contribute to the city's charm, offering something enjoyable for everyone.

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