Nez Perce County Jail Roster

The detention facility offers public access to an online Nez Perce County jail roster, enabling individuals to locate and gather information about current detainees. This information typically includes the booking number, last name, first name, date of birth, release date, and criminal charges associated with each inmate.

To search for an inmate, visit the Nez Perce County Jail's Official Website and access the 'Inmate Roster' link, usually located in the 'Quick links' section or under 'Resources'. Once on the roster page, enter the inmate's last name, first name, or booking number into the search bar. If unsure about the spelling, partial information can also be entered.

After performing the search, review the results to locate the specific inmate you're looking for. If there are multiple results, cross-reference additional information such as the date of birth to ensure the correct individual is identified. For more detailed information about an inmate, click on their booking number to access additional details including release date and criminal charges.

It's important to note that the roster is regularly updated. If you cannot find the inmate you're searching for, they may have been released, transferred to another facility, or their information may not yet be updated.

When conducting an inmate search, consider the following tips: Utilize partial names if unsure of the full name, as the system will provide matching results. Check the roster frequently as it is regularly updated, especially if initially unable to locate the inmate. If available, using the booking number can provide the most accurate results as these numbers are unique to each individual. Keep in mind that if an inmate has been released or transferred, they will not appear in the search results. In such cases, it's advisable to contact the detention center directly for further assistance.

Nez Perce County Jail Visitations

When planning a visit to an inmate at the Nez Perce County Jail, it's crucial to adhere to specific rules and guidelines, which are also subject to scheduling constraints.

To arrange a visit, it's important to first check the eligibility for visitation of the inmate you wish to visit. Some inmates may have restrictions due to behavioral issues or their current stage in the judicial process.

Once eligibility is confirmed, scheduling a visit can be done through the Nez Perce County Jail's Official Website. Navigate to the 'Visitation Scheduling' section and follow the provided instructions to book a visitation slot. Keep in mind that visitation slots are limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Before visiting, all prospective visitors must be approved by the detention center. This process may require providing personal information and undergoing a background check.

During the visit, visitors are required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID for identification purposes. Additionally, visitors should dress modestly, as any clothing deemed inappropriate by the detention facility staff will not be permitted.

Appropriate behavior is expected from visitors at all times during the visit. Disruptive behavior may lead to the termination of the visit.

It's important to note that visitors are generally not allowed to bring any items into the visitation area unless explicitly permitted by the jail staff.

Visitation hours may vary based on factors such as the inmate's housing assignment and the day of the week. For the most accurate information regarding visitation hours, refer to the visitation schedule provided on the jail's website.

Nez Perce County Jail Address

Nez Perce County Jail Phone and Hours

Nez Perce County Jail

The Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office is committed to upholding the highest standards of law enforcement while earning the trust of the community it serves. Their mission is to utilize the resources available to us effectively to provide comprehensive law enforcement services. These services encompass various areas such as law enforcement, investigations, crime prevention, jail/detention, civil services, search and rescue, dispatch, and support services.

They allocate their resources strategically to ensure community safety and contribute to the overall economic development, growth, and stability of Nez Perce County. Their goal is to be the primary agency that residents turn to for assistance, known for our professionalism, responsiveness, and compassion. They aim to add value to the community by staying technologically advanced, progressive, and adaptable to evolving community needs.

In essence, the Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office strives to be a cornerstone of public trust and safety, dedicated to serving and enhancing the well-being of the community in every possible way.

Nez Perce County Crime Rate

Nez Perce County, situated in Idaho, is home to approximately 7,452 residents and is under the jurisdiction of the Nez Perce County law enforcement agency.

When considering safety, Nez Perce County exhibits a crime rate of 2,603 incidents per 100,000 residents. While this places it as moderately safer compared to the national average, it still falls within the average spectrum. Essentially, the likelihood of experiencing any form of crime while residing in Nez Perce County within a year stands at 1 in 38.

Over the preceding two years, Nez Perce County maintained an average crime rate of 2,097 occurrences per 100,000 residents. This indicates a gradual increase in the county's crime rate over time.


Nez Perce County Crime Clearance Data


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Lewiston Policing Rates

Idaho Inmates Amount and Jail Location

Understanding Idaho's High Incarceration Rate

Idaho's incarceration rate, encompassing various detention facilities such as prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, and juvenile justice facilities, stands at 761 per 100,000 individuals. This statistic reveals that Idaho detains a larger proportion of its population compared to any other democratic nation globally.

In addition to the incarceration rate provided, it's important to understand the context and implications behind such statistics.

Contributing Factors: Various factors contribute to Idaho's high incarceration rate, including stringent sentencing laws, mandatory minimum sentences, drug policies, socioeconomic disparities, and access to rehabilitation and alternative sentencing programs.

Prison Population Demographics: Analyzing the demographics of the incarcerated population can offer insights into disparities within the criminal justice system. Understanding factors such as race, ethnicity, age, and gender among inmates can shed light on any potential biases or systemic issues.

Criminal Justice Reform Efforts: Advocacy groups, policymakers, and community organizations often push for criminal justice reform to address issues related to mass incarceration. Reforms may focus on reducing sentences for nonviolent offenses, investing in rehabilitation programs, promoting alternatives to incarceration, and addressing systemic inequalities.

Economic and Social Impact: High incarceration rates can have significant economic and social consequences for individuals, families, and communities. These may include disrupted family dynamics, limited employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals, increased financial burdens on taxpayers to maintain correctional facilities, and strained community resources.

Comparison with Other States and Countries: Comparing Idaho's incarceration rate with other states within the U.S. and with countries globally can provide additional insights into regional trends and differences in criminal justice systems. Understanding variations in incarceration rates and policies can inform discussions on best practices and areas for improvement.

By considering these additional factors and perspectives, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of Idaho's incarceration rate and its broader implications for society.

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