Penobscot County Jail Inmate List

The Penobscot County Jail Inmate List can be found in the Penobscot County Jail roster which is a public record that lists the names, booking dates, charges, and bail amounts of all inmates currently being held in the jail. The roster can be accessed online at the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office website.

The roster is updated daily, so you can always be sure that the information is current. If you are looking for information about a specific inmate, you can search the roster by name, booking date, or charge.

The roster is a valuable resource for anyone who needs to know who is currently being held in the Penobscot County Jail. It can be used by family members, friends, attorneys, and bail bondsmen to track the status of inmates and to make arrangements for their release.

Here are some of the information that you can find on the Penobscot County Jail roster:

  • Name: The full name of the inmate, including their first, middle, and last name.
  • Booking date: The date on which the inmate was booked into the jail.
  • Charges: The charges that the inmate is facing.
  • Bail amount: The amount of bail that is required for the inmate's release.
  • Status: The current status of the inmate, such as whether they are being held pre-trial or are serving a sentence.

The Penobscot County Jail roster is a public record, so anyone can access it. However, there are some restrictions on how the roster can be used. For example, you cannot use the roster to track the movements of a specific inmate or to harass an inmate or their family members.

Penobscot County Jail Visitations

Here is some information about visitation at the Penobscot County Jail:

  • Visitation hours:
    • Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
    • Saturdays from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Visitors must:
    • Be on the inmate's approved visitation list
    • Bring a valid photo ID
    • Dress appropriately
    • Pass a security screening
  • Visitation restrictions:
    • No weapons or contraband
    • No food or drink
    • No cell phones or electronic devices
    • No physical contact

Visitors must be on the inmate's approved visitation list. This list can be obtained by contacting the jail at 207-947-4585. Visitors must also bring a valid photo ID. Dress should be appropriate for a correctional facility. This means no revealing clothing, no hats, and no sunglasses. Visitors will also be subject to a security screening, which may include a pat-down and a metal detector scan.

There are a few restrictions on what visitors can bring to the jail. No weapons or contraband are allowed. This includes knives, guns, drugs, and alcohol. Visitors also cannot bring food or drink, cell phones or electronic devices, or any other items that could be used as a weapon. Physical contact between visitors and inmates is not allowed.

Penobscot County Sheriff Office Address

Penobscot County Sheriff Office Phone and Hours


Penobscot County Jail

The Penobscot County Jail is a maximum-security facility located in Bangor, Maine. It is operated by the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office and has a capacity of 143 inmates.

The jail was built in 1989 and has undergone several renovations since then. It is a secure facility with a number of safety features, including electronic security systems, surveillance cameras, and a perimeter fence.

The jail houses a variety of inmates, including those who are awaiting trial, those who are serving short sentences, and those who are being held for other reasons, such as mental health evaluations.

The jail provides a number of services to inmates, including:

  • Health care: The jail has a medical clinic that is staffed by a doctor, a nurse, and a dentist.
  • Mental health care: The jail has a mental health unit that is staffed by a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a social worker.
  • Education: The jail offers a variety of educational programs, including GED classes, vocational training, and life skills classes.
  • Recreation: The jail has a gym, a library, and a visiting area.

The Penobscot County Jail is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its inmates and staff. The jail also strives to provide inmates with the resources they need to succeed after they are released.

Here are some additional details about the Penobscot County Jail:

  • The jail is located at 85 Hammond Street, Bangor, ME, 04401.
  • The phone number for the jail is 207-947-4585.
  • The jail's website is

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