Ward County Jail Inmate Roster

The Ward County Inmate Roster operates as a publicly accessible record, offering information about individuals presently held in the Ward County Detention Center. This roster commonly contains fundamental details such as the inmate's name, booking date, general categories of booking charges (without specific details), any applicable bond amount, and the inmate's status (whether they are currently active or released).

For accessibility, the Ward County Inmate Roster may be accessible for viewing through the Ward County Sheriff's Office website or in-person at the Detention Center. This resource plays a crucial role in providing transparency about the current population in the detention center and their associated details.

Performing a Ward County inmate search can be accomplished through various avenues, allowing flexibility based on preferences and the information available.

Ward County Sheriff's Office Website: The official and most current source for inmate information is the Ward County Sheriff's Office website. The site features a user-friendly search tool that allows filtering by name, booking number, or date of birth, providing a reliable means of accessing up-to-date inmate details.

North Dakota Department of Corrections Inmate Search: A statewide database offered by the North Dakota Department of Corrections facilitates searches for inmates across all North Dakota county and state jails. This comprehensive tool enables users to search by name, date of birth, or further narrow down the search by specifying the facility (Ward County Detention Center) and offender type.

Additional Tips for Ward County Inmate Search:

Gather Sufficient Information: Having extensive details such as the inmate's full name, date of birth, or booking number enhances the effectiveness of the search. The more information available, the smoother the process of locating the inmate.

Check Multiple Sources: If the inmate is not found on one website, it is advisable to try alternative sources. Additionally, consider the possibility that the inmate may no longer be housed in the Ward County Jail.

Exercise Patience: Searching for specific inmate information may require some time, especially when starting with limited details. Patience is key in ensuring accurate and thorough results during the search process.

Ward County Jail Visitations


Visits to inmates at the Ward County Jail are reserved for approved visitors, typically including immediate family members, spouses, legal counsel, clergy, and other individuals authorized by the Sheriff's Office.

Becoming an approved visitor involves completing a visitation application and presenting a valid government-issued photo ID.

Times may vary based on the housing unit of the inmate, necessitating confirmation of the precise visitation hours in advance for the specific individual you intend to visit.


All visitors are required to arrive at the jail 15 minutes prior to their scheduled visitation time.

A comprehensive security screening, potentially including a metal detector and pat-down, is part of the entry process.

Visitors are limited to carrying a select number of personal items, such as keys, glasses, and wedding rings, with all other belongings to be left in their vehicles.

Food and drinks are prohibited within the visitation area.

During the visit, visitors are seated in secure booths or designated areas, separated from the inmate by a glass partition or barrier. Communication is typically facilitated through telephone headsets or intercom systems.

Additional Information:

Dress code regulations stipulate that visitors must dress modestly, with tank tops, shorts, or ripped clothing not permitted.

Children below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during visits.

In the event of inmate disruption or violation of jail rules, the visit may be terminated to ensure the maintenance of order and safety.

Ward County Jail Address

Ward County Jail Phone and Hours

North Dakota Inmates Amount and Jail Location

Ward County Jail

The Ward County Jail serves as a correctional facility tasked with the custody and care of both pre-trial and sentenced inmates within Ward County. With a capacity to accommodate approximately 140 inmates, the facility is equipped with diverse features, including housing units, a medical unit, a mental health unit, educational facilities, a library, and recreational areas.

In terms of operations, the jail oversees the intake and processing of new arrests, meticulously managing booking procedures to ensure the proper documentation of each case. Classification of inmates is carried out, taking into account various factors such as security risk, with the goal of assigning them to the most suitable housing units.

The jail is committed to providing inmates with opportunities for rehabilitation and successful reintegration into the community. This involves the implementation of various programs and services encompassing education, job training, and substance abuse treatment.

For approved visitors, the jail facilitates visitation opportunities, adhering to established rules and schedules to ensure a structured and secure environment. These visitation sessions contribute to maintaining connections between inmates and their support networks while upholding the safety and regulations of the correctional facility.

Ward County Crime Rate

  1. Crime Rate (Overall): 1,839
    • This represents the total number of reported crimes per 100,000 people in Ward County. It includes various criminal activities such as murder, robbery, rape, assault, burglary, forced entry, larceny, and auto theft.
  2. Murder Rate: N/A
    • The absence of a specific murder rate implies that either there were no reported murders or the data is not available. In areas with low populations, murder rates can fluctuate, and a lack of data doesn't necessarily indicate a high or low safety level.
  3. Robbery Rate: N/A
    • Similar to the murder rate, the absence of a robbery rate suggests either a low incidence of robberies or insufficient data. Robbery involves the use of force or threat, and its absence might indicate a relatively secure environment.
  4. Rape Rate: 28
    • This represents the reported incidents of rape per 100,000 people. It's essential to approach this data with sensitivity, considering that sexual assault is often underreported. The rate provides a perspective on the prevalence of such incidents in the community.
  5. Assault Rate: 889
    • This indicates the number of reported assaults per 100,000 people. Assaults can vary in severity, and a higher rate may suggest a need for community safety measures or intervention.
  6. Burglary Rate: 272
    • The burglary rate represents incidents of unauthorized entry into structures with the intent to commit a crime. A lower rate is generally favorable, suggesting a safer community in terms of property-related crimes.
  7. Forced Entry Rate: 167
    • This is a subset of the burglary rate, specifically indicating incidents involving forced entry. It provides additional insight into the methods used during burglaries.
  8. Larceny Rate: 561
    • Larceny involves theft without breaking and entering. The rate provides an overview of general theft incidents. A higher rate may indicate a need for community awareness regarding property security.
  9. Auto Theft Rate: 89
    • This represents the incidents of stolen vehicles per 100,000 people. A lower rate is generally desirable, indicating a lower risk of auto theft.

In interpreting crime rates, it's important to consider factors such as community size, law enforcement practices, and socio-economic conditions. Additionally, trends over time and comparisons with regional or national averages can provide context for a more comprehensive understanding of the data.

Ward County Crime Clearance Data


Minot Crime Rate


Minot Policing Rates

Understanding Incarceration in North Dakota: A Closer Look at the Numbers

North Dakota grapples with an incarceration rate of 583 per 100,000 residents, surpassing that of many democratic nations. Delving into the statistics reveals a significant impact on the population, with approximately 4,000 individuals currently behind bars.

The accompanying  charts vividly illustrates the distribution of these incarcerated individuals across federal prisons, state prisons, local jails, and various other facilities. However, it's crucial to recognize that the influence of county and city jails extends beyond the chart's depiction. The rapid turnover in local jails means that the annual number of people booked in North Dakota's local jails surpasses 13,000, indicating a substantial and dynamic correctional landscape.

This exploration aims to shed light on the scale of incarceration in North Dakota, providing insight into the diverse factors contributing to the state's incarceration rate and the implications for its residents.

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